Brolite/Ubuntu Installation "No such file or directory" error


I apologize if this message shows up twice. I tried sending it to one
address indicated in some documentation, and then another address provided
as part of my confirmation to joining this list.

We are a group of students working on our fourth year project at the
University of Calgary. As part of our project, we need to install Bro on
an Ubuntu system. We are working with the current version of Ubuntu and

The error message looks as follows:

make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/terminator/bro-1.4/aux'
/bin/chown -R 'cat scripts/bro_user_id' /usr/local/bro/
cat: scripts/bro_user_id: No such file or directory
/bin/chown: missing operand after '/usr/local/bro/'
Try '/bin/chown --help' for more information
make: [install-brolite] Error 1 (ignored)


Can you let us know what the steps you have performed? Please let us know
about the system information. Are you facing same issue with the stable

Mayank Jain

Hello Mayank, and thanks for your quick response. I performed the
following steps on a Compaq 6910p laptop computer:

- Installed Ubuntu 8.10 from scratch, using only default settings.
  I did not install any of the upgrades indicated by upgrade manager yet.
  Adminstrator id is 'terminator'
- Used synaptic package manager to install the following:
  - g++
  - flex
  - ssl-dev
  - libpcap
  - ncurses
- Downloaded bro-1.4-release.tar.gz from
- Extracted to /home/terminator/bro-1.4
- Enabled 'root' login
- in '/home/terminator/bro-1.4/aux/broccoli', did the following:
  - ./configure
  - make
  - make install
- in '/home/terminator/bro-1.4', did the following:
  - ./configure
  - make
  - make install
  - make install-brolite

Do you need any other system information?

There are some problems with "make install-brolite" in 1.4. The
tracker ticket at has a patch
which I hope will fix the installation. Could you guys give that a

However, please note that starting with 1.4 "make install-brolite"
is deprecated anyway and will very likely go away with the next