BZAR Update - .zeek File Extensions and ATT&CK Sub-Techniques

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New update to BZAR is available. Summary of changes is listed below. For more information, see the CHANGES file.

  • [09/29/2020] Renamed .bro scripts to .zeek
  • [10/09/2020] Renamed eight (8) ATT&CK® Techniques, according to the new ATT&CK Sub-Techniques nomenclature in the July 2020 (v7) release of MITRE’s Enterprise ATT&CK framework. Some techniques split apart into two or more sub-techniques. The new nomenclature is represented in BZAR-related entries in the Zeek Notice Log.

For the new version, use the Zeek package manager or download from the following URL:

Mark I. Fernandez

The MITRE Corporation