changing conn logging to SQLite

I am new to Zeek and I would like to redist the conn logging to SQLite. The documentation says that this is natively supported.

I found this filter “sqlite-conn-filte.zeek” in one of the post

event zeek_init()
local filter: Log::Filter =
$config=table([“tablename”] = “conn”),

Log::add_filter(Conn::LOG, filter);

my question is where to put (which directory) ? and do I need to invoke it somewhere ?


Where you put that depends on how you run/deploy Zeek, but the usual
way involving ZeekControl means you could just add it to the end of
your local.zeek file which gets installed by default (if built from
source) at /usr/local/zeek/share/zeek/site/local.zeek

- Jon