Cluster minimal logs on manager

After upgrading/reinstalling the OS on my Bro manager, with a network of a dozen workers, I’ve managed to end up where I’m only seeing minimal logs at the manager (the manager is also the sole proxy):


When I run Bro standalone on one of the sensors, all is well again. I’ve exchanged the keys so that Bro can manage the workers just fine but apparently the logging isn’t being communicated correctly. Any recommendations other than rebuilding sensors from the OS up? I also know the sensors are seeing good traffic - Snort runs just fine on a tested sensor along with tcpdump, etc.

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Can your workers connect to your manager on tcp port 47761-47763 or so?

You probably want an iptables rule similar to

    iptables -A INPUT -s -p tcp -m multiport --dports 47000:48000 -m comment --comment "200 accept bro cluster connections" -j ACCEPT

on the different machines so everything can communicate properly.

Justin -

That was it! Sigh… a little over-eager UFW implementation. I added the range and that did the trick. Now to lock it down to only sensor IPs… :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

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