Code Red Bro pre-release available (0.7a73)

A new Bro pre-release is now available from:

The most timely change is the addition of code-red.bro, which is a
stand-alone Bro module that records instances of Code Red attacks
(just the first seen per IP) in code-red.$BRO_ID, and logs local
instances of Code Red infectees to stdout (or to log.$BRO_ID, if
you "@load log"). You need to edit code-red.bro, or provide your
own version that's loaded in addition (via $BRO_PREFIXES), in order
to define the /16 and /24 nets corresponding to your local site,
as discussed in the comments at the beginning of the file.

Keep in mind that the code-red file is block-buffered, so if you
want to watch it in real time, you need to HUP Bro so that it flushes
the file.

A summary of other changes since 0.7a61 is appended.


* There is now a mostly-done-but-not-completely-done DNS analyzer.

* Related to it, two new built-in functions for converting between
  IP addresses and Domain Names: ptr_name_to_addr and

* Bro no longer dies with a libpcap error if you're running it on
  an interface that doesn't have an address assigned to it.

* Some bug fixes for matching empty regular expressions.

* Hooks added to http.bro for skipping alerts for URIs that are
  accessed remotely (by local clients)

* The default analysis (i.e., that in mt.bro) now includes NTP.

* skip_scan_nets_16 lets you specify /16 networks that should not
  be flagged when they scan you, analogous to skip_scan_nets_24.