Compiling error on Ubuntu Linux


Bro seems like a splendid IDS (after reading Paxson's '99 paper and
Sommers '03 paper, READMEs etc.). Now I am trying to install it .
However, when trying to compile Bro 1.0 and also (0.9a11) on my Ubuntu
Breezy Linux box I get the error message

"checking size of long long... configure: error: cannot compute sizeof
(long long), 77 "

This happens both when i run ./configure and ./configure --disable-localpcap
I am going to do some work using Bro in my Master's Thesis so I hope I
can make it work.

Best regards
Vidar E. Seeberg,
MSc student Information Security
Gjøvik University College, Norway


If you could check in your config.log and
see what the cause of this error is, that would
be great. Usually this can be tracked back to
a problem with your LD_LIBRARYPATH or your
installed glibc.


(PS, are you running this on a 64 bit machine?)

Vidar Evenrud Seeberg wrote: