configuration issues

Our current installation of Bro on Solaris 2.6 only logs to the bro.log
file. Other log files such as ftp.log are created but not written to
even when events should have been logged. While troubleshooting this, we
reviewed the attached config.log file and discovered a couple of errors
that could be the cause of our problem:

- Line 43, there are declaration conflicts for openlog, syslog and
- Line 65-70, contains several type conflicts
- Line 87, contains a declaration conflict for gettimeofday
- Line 101, there is an undefined symbol gethostbyname
- Line 135, there is an undefined symbol socket
- Line 169, the str library is not found -- where can we download this

(config.log is the autoconf log; the "errors" in it are a normal part
the process that allows the configure script to determine which
features are available on your particular OS type and version.)


Thanks Craig. What about the problem that bro only logs to bro.log and no
other log file? Has anyone else encountered that? We have only modified
hot.bro to reflect our network information. None of the other policy
scripts have been changed. Thanks.


On a suggestion from a subscriber on the list, I generated a ton of ftp
traffic and bro did write to the ftp.log. Apparently, the output is
heavily buffered.


Kelly G Le wrote:

Apparently, the output is
heavily buffered.


I unbuffered output (Bro 0.3) by changing line 147 in