configure from email address

When I receive emails from my bro sensors the email address is:


is there a way to configure the first part of the email address to be a specific name instead of bro


Take a peek at:



I believe that your system configuration, not bro configuration, is controlling that and it just comes from the username of the process.

James is right. The from name “Big Brother” and the local address comes from that file, but the local name can be over-ridden by your system configuration. So in my case, postfix is configured to connect to a gmail account, which then appears to be the from address.

the configuration option is in there but when I run a broctl restart or broctl deploy it resets the option back to default.

Stop bro first, make changes, start broctl, update and you should be good to go.


I just set it int broctl.cfg

MailFrom = NAMEaddress@domain

adding it to broctl.cfg worked.

Thanks everyone