Consulting services

Hello everyone,

My company is new to Bro. We are working on a project for which we are evaluating integrating our development into Bro. However, we are not interested in becoming Bro experts to do so. We prefer to use consultants that can do the job. We are therefore interested in knowing if the developers/maintainers of Bro would be able to provide such type of consulting services.

If this is indeed a possibility we would like to assess the following:

  1. Are there different “tiers” of service depending on the need? If so, what are the different consulting rates.

  2. Is it possible that the consultants travel to our offices in Florida for a 1 - 2 day kick-off meeting? If this is not possible, then would the people from my R&D team be able to travel to the offices of the Bro team for this kick-off?

  3. Is it possible to hire the consulting service on a “retainer-type” contract such that we can use the time as the project evolves and we see it necessary?

Thank you for your consideration in replying to this post,