Core affinity on AMD Opteron 6276

Ralph, you may want to look back at the archives. Michal and I think Justin had posted an extensive discussion on how to identify and pin cpus. See:

The suggested lstopo is a very good way to enumerate your cores, as indicated in that thread. :slight_smile:

Also, regarding 32 workers, we are handling 6Gb/s traffic with af_packet with just 18 workers, minimum memory usage, but fairly high rate of cpu usage. Our drop rate is under .5% across all workers.

Lastly, read the Bro bit here:

We have found that this is indeed fairly accurate with regards to worker count and pps consumption by bro.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the links!

I used lstopo to get an idea of the hardware layout, but I wanted some script that would figure out which cores share circuitry (because Opteron). Reading through your thread, it seems my script does the right thing.

As for your setup - do you use an Opteron? And what is the clock rate of your cores?

Thanks again!


We are an intel shop, so I couldnt say for sure. We are running 2.5ghz? cores.