DAG cards and bro

Anybody have feedback regarding the use of DAG cards and bro? I looked
over the code checked in, but am more interested in actual behavior (ie
stability and performance).



Hi Scott :

We are (trying) to use DAG cards with bro and argus to capture data of our 10G route.

We did have initial problems including bro not supporting dag cards and even the choice of OS to run those on. Now, after interacting with Robin Sommer, bro does have support built in for the dag cards. Thanks Robin !

As of performance, currently we are facing the issue of getting too little light using optical splitter and thus are waiting for a optical switch which is in order.

Once we get the switch we should be able to start the monitoring and see how bro behaves. Right now, with the support libraries in place, complilation and installation is not a problem at all.

I can update you of performance once we get the switch and have enough signal getting to the cards.

Hope this helps.

Aashish Sharma


New libpcap versions support DAG cards.

Spiros Antonatos