Decode or decapsulation of HP ERM (Encapsulated Remote Mirroring)

Hello all,

I apologize if this is a newbie question, but that's it, I am new to this system so I am having a hard time finding out how to add a script snippet to the Zeek configuration files.

I had opened an issue on Zeek Github with the same subject:
And a developer kindly super-quickly replied with the following code snippet:

If I understand correctly, you need to put the zeek script into a file named, say hperm.zeek. Next, place the file in your share/zeek/site directory. Then in the same directory edit local.zeek and at the bottom add:

@load hperm.zeek

Hope this helps.


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Hello Gary,

thanks to your reply it is confirmed that I was using the correct syntax.

At the end, the problem turned out to be that, in order to decode the HP_ERM datagrams, I had to strip out the first 12 bytes from the UDP packet, not the first 8 bytes.

So the script that right now is working for me is: