did my signature in site loaded?

I am a new user here, I have doubt.

I have a signature.sig in site folder and my site/mydomain.bro looks as bellow,

Make any changes to policy starting HERE:

To run signatures, uncomment the following line.

@load brolite-sigs

@ifdef ( use_signatures )

Load Bro signatures. This is the default file containing Bro


redef signature_files += “signatures”;

Did my signature loaded? it seems that # @load brolite-sigs is commented
How to ensure which signature is loaded and which is not?

"use_signatures" is only defined when brolite-sigs is loaded so, no,
the signatures are not used in this case. The most direct way to
make sure that a signature file is loaded, is to use the "redef"
line just by itself:

     redef signature_files += "signatures";

I.e., no @ifdef/@endif around it.

Hope this helps,