Doubts on creation and loading of scripts

Hi, I have interest in creating new Zeek scripts and I would like to know more about the directory in which it should be located and the files that I should change in order to promote the execution of the script in live mode.

I tried to create a new directory and I put the script in /usr/local/zeek/share/zeek/policy/protocols/dnstunnel/main.zeek and then I wrote @load /protocols/dnstunnel/main in local.zeek. However, when I tried to deploy Zeek on zeekctl, I got this error:

fatal error in /usr/local/zeek/share/zeek/site/local.zeek, line 10: can't find /protocols/dnstunnel/main

Also, I have tried to run in offline mode, but I also got an error:

1708710849.625750 fatal error in <no location>: Val::CONVERTER (types/record) (1715794250.1853, CAC3qJ3YGHkzS7WOPe, [orig_h=, orig_p=57046/udp, resp_h=, resp_p=53/udp], 15)

I suppose this error is related to a failure in converting the obtained data into log information.

I would like to know how I could solve these issues, thanks in advance :).


typically you should put your scripts into the site directory.

You should never put your own scripts in either the policy or the base directories - Zeek assumes that these are under its exclusive control, and your scripts might be deleted or overwritten in updates.

To help with the second error, we would need more information about your scripts.

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