Elasticsearch plugin compile error


when i compile Bro elasticsearch plugin, i got the following error:

[ 18%] Creating build/lib/bif for Bro::ElasticSearch
Error copying directory from “/data/bro-2.5.4/aux/plugins/elasticsearch/build/bif” to “/data/bro-2.5.4/aux/plugins/elasticsearch/build/lib/bif”.

My compile step is:
first, use the following command to compile Bro:
#./configure --with-pcap=/usr/lib64 --prefix=/usr/local/bro
#make install

second, use the following command to compile elasticsearch plugin:
#cd bro-2.5.4/aux/plugins/elasticsearch
#./configure --with-libcurl=/usr/local
#make install

I am sure the libpcap and libcure library path is not wrong.
When i make the dir “/data/bro-2.5.4/aux/plugins/elasticsearch/build/bif” manually and compile elasticsearch again, the error disappear.
But i do not know what effect it will have if i do this.
Can anyone tell me what may leds to this error and how to resolve it.

Best Regards