Enable/Disable (Turn on/off) Bro crash reports

Is it possible to turn on/off Bro crash reports on demand?

We are having a peculiar situation where-in power goes off frequently and bro instances are crashed often. Over a period of time, a lot of space is occupied by bro crash reports.

Of course, there are other options to reclaim the crash report space. But, still, I am curious to know if Bro supports turning on/off bro crash reports on demand.

I very much appreciate Bro crash reports as these offer great insights into the issue. So, I would not like to compile bro without “–enable-debug” option.

BroControl doesn't have an option to turn off crash reports.

However, one easy way to reclaim disk space is to run the command:
broctl cleanup --all

This will remove all files and directories in PREFIX/spool/tmp/
on all machines in your Bro cluster (PREFIX is your
Bro install directory, such as /usr/local/bro).