Error during make


My sincere thanks to Prof. Vern for sending us the next release of Bro.

However I tried to make Bro stable version ie

  > The current stable release remains 0.7a175b, available from:


But I am facing problem during make. I am running Linux 6.2
kernel 2.2.14-12.

I am getting compilation problems which I tried to change code and
recompile, but not successful.

The file the errors report is ""

These are the errors I am getting::

When I tried to compile the 0.8a1 version. There is
also some error with file. The error is
shown as the following:
c++ -I. -O -Ilinux-include -c In method `void DNS_Mgr::AddResult
(DNS_Mgr_Request *,
nb_dns_result *)': parse error before `*'
make: *** [DNS_Mgr.o] Error 1

Would someone shed some lights on the problem? Thanks
very much.