Error trying to 'make doc' in current GitHub head.

Hi all,

I’m getting this error, when attempting a ‘make doc’ from within the root directory of the current GitHub head:

Davids-MacBook-Air-2:bro dbanas$ git show
commit 30bb17ea8d1faa7bb1c2ff41aa1579523fcbe273
Author: Robin Sommer <>

[100%] [Sphinx] Generate HTML documentation in /Users/dbanas/Documents/Projects/bro/build/html
error in /Users/dbanas/Documents/Projects/bro/scripts/policy/protocols/ftp/detect-bruteforcing.bro, line 4: Failed to open file /Users/dbanas/Documents/Projects/bro/scripts/policy/protocols/ftp/detect-bruteforcing.bro: Too many open files
fatal error in /Users/dbanas/Documents/Projects/bro/scripts/policy/protocols/ftp/detect-bruteforcing.bro, line 4: can’t open /Users/dbanas/Documents/Projects/bro/scripts/base/protocols/ftp/load.bro

Anyone know what’s going on?


Try to increase the file ulimit (ulimit -n). I assume you are on OS X --
it is a bit low there with only 256 simultaneous open files.


Thanks! That worked.