error when defining an enumerated data type

Bro has an enumerated type for layer 3 protocols: enum { tcp, udp, icmp, unknown }. I want to create a variable with this type, but haven’t found the label in the documentation. Where do I find such information? I tried defining my own enumerated data type, but that generates the error ”identifier or enumerator value in enumerated type definition already exists”.

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There is some reference documentation here:

I looked at that. It covers enumerated data types in general, and the port type. The port type includes both the port # and protocol. It also covers how to extract the protocol from the port type with the function get_port_transport_proto. However, there's nothing on the protocol type's label.

In the reference documentation for type "port", it mentions you can
use function "get_port_transport_proto" to obtain the protocol type of
a port. If you look at the reference documentation for that function,
you can see it returns something of type "transport_proto".
If you look at the reference documentation for type "transport_proto",
you can see it's the enum type that you mentioned.

Now that you know the type, you can declare a local variable like this:

event bro_init()
   local x: transport_proto = tcp;
   print x;