ERSPAN & Missing Logs

Hello all,

I am attempting to monitor a Cisco CSR1000v within AWS via ERSPAN. Through my research, I am running Bro version 2.5-147 on an AWS Linux AMI and have uploaded a pcap containing ERSPAN data which I have been able to read; however, the only log files that are being created from Bro/live traffic are the following:


As a test, I have used tcpdump to capture packets on the configured interface (mon0) which sees plenty of traffic, however, I still cannot see the corresponding logs from Bro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,

If you could send me a few packets of traffic captured with tcpdump I
could take a look for you (I wrote the RSPAN support). Sometimes it's
hard to verify that parsers will always work with all versions of
protocols and all usage of a protocol.