example of base64 decoder use?

I am having a little trouble getting the base64 decoder working for a
given string. Does anybody have a simple example or explanation for
using this class?



There are three functions associated with base64 decoder:
StartDecodeBase64(), EndDecodeBase64(), and DecodeBase64(int len, const
char* data). The decoder will call MIME_Entity::DataOctet() for every
decoded byte.

The current base64 decoder is part of class MIME_Entity. While it is
pretty easy to separate it from the MIME processing, as it is right now
you may not be able to use it directly to decode a given string. What are
you using Base64 decoder for? Maybe we can figure out a way to make it a
separate class.



Can somebody suggest how do I turn off the generation of this:

'WeirdActivity ** non_IPv4_packet'

I am getting loads of those in my honeynet.

I looked ALL over the weird.bro, but I can't find anything even remotely
similar to this.... I admit, maybe its my slow day :slight_smile: Help is deeply