Expire in policy scripts


I have a question regarding expire in policy scripts:

If I use:
  global rpc_calls: table[conn_id] of table[count] of rpc_call_state
       &write_expire = rpc_timeout &expire_func=expire_rpc_call;

will the expire timer be linked to the table that's indexed by conn_id
or the table that's indexed by count? Can I specify the table that
should have an expire timer?

I want the timer linked to the table indexed by count.


Iirc, it applies to the outer one. You can get the inner one by
assigning the expire to a local and then inserting that into the
outer table:

    local inner: table[count] of rpc_call_state &write_expire=rpc_timeout;
    rpc_call[cid] = inner;