Extract All Files from .pcap

Hello all,

When I asked ChatGPT to find out which file types were extracted, I saw that files such as portable *
executable files, office documents, pdf documents, archives, javascript files, html files, images, audio and video files can be obtained when configured with the appropriate file extraction policy.

In directory which is /opt/zeek/share/zeek/policy/frameworks/files, there is a zeek file extract-all-files.zeek. Could all content be extracted from the pcap file to be used, or is a config file required for each file type?

How can I find a solution about that?

Hi there,

The extract-all-files.zeek script is a very basic setup for extracting any file Zeek encounters to disk, with minimal polish. I suggest you try it out to see what it does. For more details, take a look at our documentation, and for an off-the-shelf solution for configurable file extraction, take a look at this Zeek package.


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