Fail to configure CXX when cross compiling


I just started looking at Bro source. When configuring the build with cross-compiler, I set CXX=, but the build tree did not set correctly. It just used c++ in my local OS. CC= works well, though. What I did was

CC= CXX= ./configure

However, the build summary shows CC: and CXX: /usr/bin/c++ (this is wrong). Do you have any idea where I should put my cross compiler?


Please file a bug report with our tracker, looks like something we
should fix.


It turned out to be my mistake that I did not distclean after I changed the
build configuration. The bigger problem is that when I cross-compile the
source tree, it actually runs bifcl command in the building host (where
compiling is done) with broker-dummy/store.bif.. However, the build is done
using target platform, which is different from the building host. I am not
very familiar with bro yet.. so I am not sure what this actually does.. can
you please help me to understand the process or provide documents if any.
Regardless, I will keep looking.