Fatal Error - Question

Occasionally one of my workers will die with an error message of:
fatal error in /usr/local/share/bro/site/httpanalysis.bro, line 130:
Val::CONST_ACCESSOR (bool/string) (T)

I have no idea what this means or even where to start debugging it.

The line in question from the .bro file (if the 130 referrers to the
line of httpanalysis.bro) looks like:
129 if ( hlist[i]$name == "ACCEPT-ENCODING" )
130 acceptencoding = T;

where acceptencoding is defined as:
local acceptencoding: bool = F;

Any thoughts/assistance would be appreciated.

I agree with Vlad, we're definitely going to need more context. Is this an open script that is posted somewhere?


Not an open script yet. Still tinkering and tweaking it, but I would
like to get it out there once it's in a better state.