Filename in bro script

Hi guys,

just a quick question, when I call bro with: bro myscript.bro -r file.pcap is there a way to have the file.pcap string passed as a variable or parameter inside the script?

Thank you

Antonio Nappa

I’ve looked for this feature as well and have not been able to locate it. It would be nice to have a @PKTSOURCE variable similar to the @FILENAME and @DIR variables.

Yeah, that information is not currently available. Can you guys say a
bit more about the use case(s) here?

I'm asking because we could either make it available directly (that
should be pretty straight-forward) or cover it implicitly by exposing
all command line parameters to script-land, along with some library
functionality to parse them easily (which Seth is rooting for :slight_smile:

In any case, please file a feature request ticket.


Submitted here <>. Is
this the preferred method for submitting feature requests instead of
posting to this list?


Yes, for a specific feature that's the best way to make sure it gets
recorded. But it's fine to discuss on the list first if you are
looking for further input/ideas.