finger and port scan test to bro

Hi, folks:

    I have installed Bro and done some experiments on it. I connected my
desktop adn laptop then setuped a tiny LAN network. Bro runs on the laptop
(RH7.1) and I use the desktop (windows2000) to attack Bro.

    I tried to perform finger test to Bro (running with policy file
finger.bro) . I sent finger requests to the laptop under that desktop ,
but Bro gave out no notification on the screen even when I fingered some
hot names. Like finger root@

    And, I tried to perform a port scan to bro too, it gave out no
notification either ( running with the policy file scan.bro) . I think it
should according to the documentation.

    Could anybody give some possible reasons ?

    Many thanks.

    Tao Zhang

      -Tao Zhang (