"for and while" in Bro language

Hi all
   Does Bro have the loop language of "for" or "while" (like the for and while in C++ language)?

   Have a nice day!
-- Cloud


Really good question!

Either one, or both, would be extremely useful as far as I can see. I
suppose there are reasons that these are not included, and it would be
good to know those reasons. I assume that it is so that someone can't
blow a hole in their foot, since if one doesn't do bounds checks, Bro
would probably freak out.

It would be nice if the actual bro pieces were threaded for various
reasons. I'd assume that if it were a completely threaded app that the
crashing behavior it seems to exhibit during load, the packet dropping,
and other aspects could be seriously improved. But, that is jsut my
$.02. Certainly to split off the BPF code into a spearate thread would
allow it to read on ahead and not loose as much network traffic on a
busy network while the actual parser/analyzers could be chugging along
merrily in another (or other) thread/s.

Anyone have the reasons that there is no for or while loops? And, what
should be substituted in their place?