Getting Directory of Logs Output

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I am using Zeek version 5.0.7. The file from which the logs are extracted is in zeek/base/frameworks/logging/writers/ascii.zeek, I state as follows

const logdir = “/directory/folder” &redef;

I want to access this from another .zeek file and add another subfolder. When I tried to add the file extension with @load, I could not handle this. How can I access that const logdir directory where the logs are output?

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The constant logdir is defined in the LogAscii module. You can refer to it by its fully qualified name LogAscii::logdir from anywhere. Note that LogAscii::logdir got superseeded by the more general Log::default_logdir in more recent Zeek version.

As a side note, to override constants declared &redef (i.e., redefinable) you should redefine them in a file controlled by you, e.g., local.zeek. That way your configuration changes are preserved across updates.

# In e.g., `local.zeek`.
redef LogAscii::logdir = "/tmp/logs";

The docs go into that in some detail.

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Thanks for your reply @Benjamin_Bannier.

I can take that const variable, “logdir”. When I use in

function set_info(f: fa_file)
local LogDir = LogAscii::logdir;

LogDir is usable, that content is true. But I could not update LogAscii::logdir even though I wrote like that

redef LogAscii::logdir = “/tmp/logs”;

Error says that syntax error, at or near \"redef"\ninternal error in that line includes above.

I couldn’t find what caused this situation.