Gigabit link monitoring

Did somebody have information on the number of packets per second
successfully processed by Bro?

It depends on how you want to cook the figure. It runs routinely on a link
here with about 12,000 pps sustained, and peaks of 18,000 pps. (Well, used
to; due to a topology change, the links I now routinely run it on have lower
rates.) But it filters out a whole lot of the traffic. The number quoted
in the revised Bro paper was one test showing it sustained 730 filtered
packets/sec sustained, with peaks of 1,200 pps, without drops (it's possible
it could have accommodated more, that was the highest-volume traffic stream
I had convenient). This was measured in 1998 on what is now very modest
Intel hardware. I haven't stressed tested it on higher streams, so don't
have a good upper figure. Clearly, I should do that, in my copious spare
time ...