High Availability with Zeek

Hi everyone.

We trying to use Zeek to monitor 4 interfaces in different machines. The idea is to have 1 Manager with 1 logger in one machine, and 4 workers to monitoring each of the interfaces. But this means that if the Manager crashes, everything goes down, I guess. So my question here is: ¿Is possible to configure a second Manager or something to reach high availability?


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The default scripts/configuration more or less depends on there being
exactly 1 Manager. That doesn't stop someone from writing their own
scripts to handle things differently, but while that's technically
possible, it's not a trivial effort I expect a user undertake.

- Jon

We may be a bit further along than people realize though. With 2.6+ we have proxy failover, and I think logger failover works too if you configure more than one. If the manager dies the most noticeable issues are intel, notices, and sumstats would stop working… so I think only a few places need updating. At some point the manager process won’t be doing anything.