how simply disable dns in last bro ?

$ /usr/local/bin/bro08a81 -r
/home/f/200401121453-iptcpudpfrag-telefonicaESP.tcpdump mt
/L/policy/scan.bro, line 91: internal error: NB-DNS error in
DNS_Mgr::WaitForReplies (recvfrom(): Connection refused)

You can do this by editing Makefile and removing "nb_dns.o" from
the "OBJ =" target (it's at the very end), and editing config.h to

  #define HAVE_NB_DNS


  #undef HAVE_NB_DNS

Finally, set the environment variable $BRO_DNS_FAKE.

If someone would contribute the necessary autoconf magic to do this
automatically, that would be great - it's beyond my meager autoconf