how to get not duplicated packets

Hi, we’re doing a job that collecting traffic by using Bro and PF_RING

Could you provide a bit more detail about your setup? Are the workers all running on a single server, or are they distributed across multiple servers?

What I’m trying to determine is at what point the duplication is happening.

Yes, I will do that.

From of one of Justin’s posts a while back (as I have struggled with this numerous times) - this may or may not be the issue, but putting it out there if it is as it has the same symptoms.

[root@bro-dev ~]# broctl config | grep pfring
pfringclusterid = 21
pfringclustertype = 4-tuple
ringfirstappinstance = 0

if you have pfringclusterid set to 0, that’s the problem that was just fixed. You can easily workaround that by adding

PFRINGClusterID = 21

to your /usr/local/bro/etc/broctl.cfg


thanks a lot, Mark!
it’s solved by adding “PFRINGClusterID = 21” in the cfg file.
it works well!

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You should also probably configure a logger process in node.cfg to run on on the same box as your manager and proxy.