How to use Zeek to discover assets in network (like arp-scan)

Hello friends,I am newby in Zeek . I’m looking for the correct way to use the logs generated by zeek to discover assets on the network, and complement the information I currently obtain with tools like arp-scan or netdiscovery. I have seen the different logs that zeek generates and they seem very functional, but I would like to know if I am using the tool correctly. Maybe if you could provide me with a link to using Zeek to perform passive discovery on the web, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for your help.

Hello, this article in the docs might be helpful:



Thank you Richard to take your time to reply me!. I can´t find this known_host.log . I found a pair of known_servcies.log but nothing about hosts.
known_host is listed in the rotated_known_hosts file, but when I loop through the rotated files there is a reference to a known_host.log file but it is nowhere to be found. How can I generate it again or find it? I need that to find a purpose for the zeek and be able to use it in a project to discover assets on the network, and fingerprint them. Thank you in advance for your help…