Ignoring hosts or ranges?

I was wondering what the best way to ignore certain hosts or ranges would be. I found some documentation from 2004 on this, but it doesn’t look like it’s applicable any more.

The reason for this is that we’re working to extract certain data from the connection log but our network scanners are creating a lot of entries in conn.log that we don’t care about. We can of course filter this all out after it’s in the log, but for the sake of simplicity I was hoping there would be a way to do this in bro.


Give something like this a try:

redef PacketFilter::all_packets = F; # don't capture all packets

redef capture_filters = [[ "all"] = "ip or not ip"];
redef restrict_filters += [ ["not-scanners"] = "not host and not host"];

Thanks for that reply Justin! I was in the middle of writing exactly the same thing. Just for the record I want to point out that this (incredibly common!) scenario is being made much easier for 2.1.