Intel hits not being emailed

Hi All,

Using CIF with my bro install (checked out from git). I've got the
following in my local.bro:

@load frameworks/intel/seen
@load frameworks/intel/do_notice
@load policy/integration/collective-intel

redef Intel::read_files += {

redef Notice::emailed_types += {

redef Notice::type_suppression_intervals += {
        [Intel::Notice] = 1day,

I see hits in my intel.log files but I don't get emails about this. Am I
missing something? I'd taken this directly from the bro blog.


By default, notices are not generated for intel hits. There is a script that we ship with Bro that gives you the ability to turn intel hits into notices based on a field in the intel data (more information can be found here: If you have a solid idea of how you'd like things to work best for you, please let me know. There are many ways we could make this work. :wink:


Thanks, Seth.

So, I think ideally I'd like to be able to alert not solely upon
connection but upon a conversation as determined either at the app level
or a combination of other flow criteria that might indicate more then
just a scan is happening.

In a large, open, network getting hits from scans is less useful then it
might be in other environments.

I'll have a read over the tutorial and see where that gets me... Likely
more questions to follow :wink: