IRC Botnet

Recently I had found this in my bro log, while I’m not much into bro-ids, can someone shade some lights regarding the irc log contents below, I know it is the host that connecting to the botnet, but apparently it is not in clear plain text(hex indeed).

1152142830.931951 #1 message from ‘EM[]!~EM@’ to ‘#cyberunknown’: \xf7\xf2\xee \xf2\xee \xeb\xe0
xf2 \xf2\xe0\xec \xed\xe0 \xea\xee\xf0\xe8\xeb
1152142854.966781 #1 message from ‘[gh0st]!~gh0s7y@’ to ‘#cyberunknown’: \xf3\xf5\xf3
1152142865.018714 #1 message from ‘[gh0st]!’ to ‘#cyberunknown’:
1152142868.897694 #1 message from ‘[gh0st]!’ to ‘#cyberunknown’: \xe2 \xe4\xe0\xeb\xed\xe
5\xf2 \xef\xf0\xe8\xe2\xe5\xe4\xe5\xf2?
1152142873.336908 #1 message from ‘EM[]!~EM@’ to ‘#cyberunknown’: \xf1\xea\xee\xeb\xfc\xea\xee \x
ea\xe8\xeb\xee\xe1\xe0\xe8\xf2 \xea\xee\xe4\xe0

Does anyone has similar stuffs in the logs and would like to share your experience, thanks.