[JIRA] (BIT-1274) Moving GeoIP Code to Plugin

I am having two issues. The first is how global bro configure options
should affect plugins (e.g. USE_GEOIP in CMakeList.txt). This seems
like a relatively large architectural decision and I have no solution
to this. The second is the following error when I run bro with my
dynamic plugin:

internal error in /usr/local/bro/share/bro/base/init-bare.bro, line 1:
internal type geo_location missing

Steps to replicate this error:
git clone --recursive https://github.com/anthonykasza/bro.git
cd bro
git checkout remotes/origin/topic/akasza/geoplugin
./configure --enable-debug && make
make install
cd aux/bro-aux/plugin-support/
git clone https://github.com/anthonykasza/Bro_GeoIP.git
cd Bro_GeoIP/
./configure --bro-dist=%BRO GIT CLONE DIR%
export BRO_PLUGIN_PATH=%BRO GIT CLONE DIR%/aux/bro-aux/plugin-support/Bro_GeoIP
bro -NN