Kafka Plugin with Zeek

Hi Folks,

I am currently using the Apache Kafka plugin to send logs to the Kafka server. The current setup is designed to use the plugin to send each zeek log(5 log streams) to a specific kafka topic as described here.
But the requirement now is to:
1 - Continuing to send the existing zeek logs to their specific topics as described above.
2 - Send all the other selected log streams to just one topic name on kafka cluster.

I have tried to set this up but it does not seem to work. Is this possible to do?
Appreciate your help!


Hi Jahan,

If I understand your use case properly, I think example 6 is very close to what you’re looking for.


Keep in mind that the metron-bro-plugin-kafka project is no longer supported. Please use https://github.com/SeisoLLC/zeek-kafka instead. The project has been forked, renamed, and is now being maintained there.

Let me know if that helps. Thanks,