- logging postprocessor func


Anyone every experienced with setting a costume postprocessor func to a specific filter ?

here’s what I want to do :

function rotation_postprocessor_func(info: Log::RotationInfo) : bool

Move file to name including both opening and closing time.

local dst = fmt("/tmp/%s.%s.log", info$path,
strftime(Log::default_rotation_date_format, info$open));

system(fmt("/bin/mv %s %s", info$fname, dst));

Run default postprocessor.

return Log::run_rotation_postprocessor_cmd(info, dst);

$config=table([“tsv”] = “T”),

and when I run it in a cluster mode\single instance mode - I see that the “test_log” are rotated like all the other logs, meaning that my /tmp/ folder is empty

Any ideas ?


Anyone ?


On a first glance this does actually not look bad to me - but I have not
tried this myself :).

Have you tried to do a bit debugging with prints to see if your custom
postprocessor function is called by the core?