Logs not rotating


We are experiencing some issues with log rotation. The .log files in current directory are not getting rotated and compressed causing the .log files to grow really big. It starts working again after we restart zeek but after a few hours it stops again.

We are using pigz to zip the files and rotate interval is set to 3600(1hr).

logrotationinterval = 3600

compresscmd = pigz

Is anyone else experiencing any similar issue? Any ideas or thought?

Zeek version we are running is 3.0.3.

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone please assist with this?

Can anyone please assist with this?

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Sent: Monday, May 18, 2020 4:36 PM
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Subject: [Zeek] Logs not rotating

      Is it sending emails out (such as the Connection summary)?
Reason I ask is the log rotation is tied up with the mail sending. If
it is sending emails, or you do not care about that, I can give you a
logrotate config file to buy you time to solve the issue.

Yes it is sending out connection summary emails.. Please send the config file.

Thanks for the response.

Well. it took longer to find it than I expected, but here it is:

cat > /etc/logrotate.d/zeeklog << EOF
# This file is offered as-is, without warranty of any kind.
# (20200420) raubvogel@gmail.com