Multiple print in the same line


I am wondering whether there is a way to call multiple prints such that they print in the same line. By default, in Zeek, each print will print in different lines.

For example, if I want to print all elements of a vector v1 in the same line in a log file “log_name” with “print log_name, v1”, all elements are printed in the same line. But the character “[” and “]” at the beginning and end of the line can be annoying if the log is used by other software such as gnuplot. However, if I iterate each element in v1 and print it one by one, I will not print all elements in the same line. Wonder whether we have a workaround on this issue or not.

Thank you and best regards,

Hui Lin

You could up your own string (e.g. iterate over the vector and append
each element to a string, choosing your own delimiter or format stuff
via fmt()) and print the final version of that string.

- Jon

Thanks Jon. Using “cat” to pack them all in a string works.