Need help splitting HTTP log

Hi everyone!

Im trying to Split the http logs in two.

What I want to accomplish is that when the http event tags have the “URI_SQLI”, instead of being logged in the normal http.log I want it to be logged in a new http-sqli.log.

I have tried a lot of different ways but with no success, since this is the very first script that im writing for Zeek.

This is one of the ways that i´ve tried:

event zeek_init()



Log::add_filter(HTTP::LOG, [$name = “http-sqli”,

$path_func(id: Log::ID, path: string, rec: HTTP::Info) = {

return ([URI_SQLI] in c$http$tags ? “http-sqli” : “http”);



The problem here seems that I cannot refer properly to the “tags” field.

Thanks for your time.


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You're close, but you're using 'c$http' which doesn't exist there.
Instead use the 'rec' variable that is the current HTTP::Info record
named in the line above