new bro "CURRENT" release - 0.8a48

An updated "CURRENT" version of Bro is now available from

I've appended the changes between it and the last "CURRENT" version (0.8a37).



Trying to compile 0.48 -> getting weird errors.

system: Linux RH 9 Intel

A. Default

system: Linux RH 9 Intel

Which versions of OpenSSL and gcc are you using? I tried the
combinations gcc 2.95.4/OpenSSL 0.9.6c, 2.95.4/0.9.7c and 3.2/0.9.7b.

1. ./configure --without-openssl

Unfortunately, --without-openssl doesn't really work currently. But
there doesn't seem to be an easy fix while still keeping the current
behaviour of using OpenSSL even if --with-openssl is not given (but
my autoconf knowledge is quite sketchy, so perhaps there is).


I met the same problem with RH9. The short answer is "krb5.h" is in
/usr/kerberos/include and therefore is not found in standard include path.
More details are discussed at:

You can either add /usr/kerberos/include to the include path, or apply
the following patch and run autoconf before running ./configure:

*** bro-pub-0.8a48/ 2003-10-16 14:17:12.000000000 -0400
--- bro/ 2003-10-25 01:07:07.000000000 -0400