new Bro CURRENT release (0.9a10)

I'm glad to here that new version is out, but
can someone add this to the cvs-repository?

This wasn't added because it's not in fact the correct fix but just
a workaround. There's logic in Bro's signal handling intended to avoid
the reentrancy problem in the first place. Could you please reproduce
the problem with 0.9a10 and send me (off-list) a full traceback so I can
try to see where that logic is failing?

Do you plan to make cvs-repository available for anyone
(read-only of course ;-)?

Probably not any time soon, unless folks want to argue that it would
really be helpful.

Or at least do you plan to
make something like hot-fix-patches for last released version?

It seems it's indeed time to start doing this. Related to this, I'm making
0.9a10 the basis for a continuing bug-fix-only 0.9 branch. For development,
we've switched internally to 1.0 (which already has a lot of changes -
stay tuned).