new Bro releases

New CURRENT (0.9a4) and STABLE (0.8a88) releases are now available from:

The CURRENT release includes some incompatible changes to file formats and
environment variables. NOTE: file formats for the "alert" and "signature"
logs are likely to change again in the near future. In addition, there
will soon be another release in which the current "log" and "alert" terms
are renamed (to "alarm" and "notice", respectively).

There are also some bug fixes, new features, and changes to the distribution's
directory structure, file formats, and environment variables, per the
appended change log.

The STABLE release fixes a bug:

- Fixed broken VLAN support (integration of original patch was incomplete).

per the appended patch.



I am compiled pb on 09a4 (not pb before this version),

Im not found YACC/bison in Makefile,

$ make
  bison -y -d -t -v builtin-func.y
  flex builtin-func.l
  g++ -o bif_lex.o -c
  g++ -o bif_parse.o -c In function `int yyparse()': syntax error before `goto'
  *** Error code 1

Possible help me please ?
before release, Im changed in Makefile : bison -> byacc
but on this release, Im not found bison in Makefile

second light pb :
$ ./configure
  config.status: creating aux/adtrace/Makefile
  config.status: error: cannot find input file: aux/adtrace/

Im use bro on freebsd v4.10R.


Sorry for my post,

bison/byacc are src/Makefile