No emails are received

Hi all,

After re-installing my Zeek hosts to version 3.0.2 in my home lab, I haven't received any mail from cron task or any process/alert related to Zeek. But I see some emails queued in /var/zeek/spool/tmp directory like this:

-rw-r--r--. 1 zeek idps 296 Feb 27 07:30 mail.1493.tmp

With the following content:

Hi all,

Is it a bug or a misconfigruation?

C. L. Martinez

what output if any do you get if you run

sendmail -t -oi /var/zeek/spool/tmp/mail.1493.tmp

or whatever filename exists there.
the “To:” line in there is what it looks for, so that should be working…

Thanks for your answer Justin. All my zeek hosts are installed with postfix (they are under RHEL 8.1). I am searching about an equivalent command with postfix but I can’t find any….

That is the equivalent command for postfix. All MTAs include a sendmail compatible binary.

The aptly named “sendemail” works well:

I know it’s in ubuntu’s list, not sure on Redhat.


Ok, running “sendmail -t -oi /var/zeek/spool/tmp/mail.1493.tmp”, does not return anything and email is not sent… and sendemail requires “from” and “to” options. Putting these options, it works …