node.cfg multiple interface convention?

Hi all,

One of my installations runs on an old linux laptop monitoring wifi traffic exclusively in standalone.

I’m wondering what the convention is for node.cfg to add monitoring to the wired interface as well.

The use case is, the system is taken off the wifi and restarted at a second location for monitoring a wired connection.

Is the following node.cfg valid?


Or is a better configuration to use 2 workers, one for each interface?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Chris,

no, the given node.cfg is not valid, you can only specify one interface
for a standalone node. The best solution would probably be to use 2
workers, one for each interface. There is a workaround that should still
work, where you give the interface as "wlan0 -i eth0", (see, which I think still
works, but that might break anytime.