non-void function returns without a value

We’re using the following script to white list DNS requests. In the reporter.log we are getting the following error multiple times every millisecond. Anyone know what we’re doing wrong? Can bad scripts cause the logs to fail to rotate correctly?

Jun 20 10:58:05 Reporter::ERROR field value missing [FILTER::rec$query] /usr/local/bro/spool/installed-scripts-do-not-touch/site/mysite/dns-filter.bro, line 13
Jun 20 10:58:05 Reporter::WARNING non-void function returns without a value: FILTER::filter_pred (empty)

module FILTER;

function filter_pred (rec: DNS::Info) : bool
if(“” in rec$query)

return F;
return T;


event bro_init()
Log::add_filter(DNS::LOG, [$name=“dns-filter”,
$exclude=set(“trans_id”, “qclass”, “qclass_name”, “qtype”, “rcode”, “rcode_name”, “QR”, “AA”, “TC”, “RD”, “RA”, “Z”, “TLLs”, “rejected”),

You need to check if rec$query is defined before accessing it; otherwhise
the function will just abort if query is not set without returning


if (rec?$query && "" in rec$query)
  return F;

return T;

as a function body instead of what you are using should probably work.