On Segmentation Fault Issue Potentially Related to ZAM


Recenty we encounted a segmentation fault during using Zeek of traffic analysis, that it seems might be associated with the ZAM optimization. We turn the ZAM optimization on all the time during analysis.

In brief, we’re experiencing crashes in certain Zeek processes, specifically under particular traffic conditions. These crashes are consistently pointing towards the zeek::detail::ZBody::DoExec() function, indicating a potential link to ZAM.

We also submit a issue: #3549 , more details can be found on it.

Any feedback, suggestions, or guidance that can provide would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to reach out if additional information is required. Thank you very much for your time and attention.

For those reading here, this discussion unfolded on Zeek Slack (Slack) and GH-3549. The key initial question is whether the problem still manifests using a recent version of Zeek, since there have been significant ZAM fixes since 5.2.2.